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Your Financial Gratitude – Tips For The Dealer And Other Casino Employees

The income of a very large number of people who work in the service personnel will directly depend not only on the salary they are paid at the place of work, but also on the tip. Tipping is of great importance for casino employees (except in cases where employers forbid their employees to receive tips).

How to tip correctly?

Within the framework of this article, we will talk about both domestic and foreign gambling establishments, so that if you travel abroad, you will be grounded in theory. Of course, there are no rules in this area that stipulate the procedure for transferring tips. The very essence of this small financial reward is, as already mentioned before, the gratitude of the staff for the quality service and, most importantly, the question of status – so if you want to make the right impression, leaving only pleasant memories after leaving, you definitely do not need to skimp.

Golden rules of gaming leisure

People who use any betting systems in gambling establishments are definitely not expected to tip, therefore, such customers often leave tips on purpose in order to confuse the service staff. By the way, do not thank the dealer for each, without exception, distribution – experienced specialists give out more than 100 hands in just one hour, and even if luck favors you today, ruin is inevitable from such a generous division of the bankroll.

It is curious that, while rolling at roulette, a player can tip with game chips, or with valuable chips. As it was said before, a bet made in favor of the croupier will become a rule of good form – if it wins, the money goes to the dealer. It is also a common practice in casinos to tip the croupier, when he changes, or when the player himself leaves the table.

A very important point – it is better not to tip the dealer in secret, trying to snatch something from the ubiquitous security service, as well as the pit boss. By trying to reward an employee for a great job, you are doing him a disservice, because the security service may think that he is colluding with you. Also, chips or real money are not handed over to the employees of the gambling establishment from hand to hand, operations are carried out through the desktop so that they are recorded by a surveillance camera.

Who else can you tip?

A casino is a complex organization that employs a huge number of employees who provide pleasant leisure for guests. By obeying the rules of good manners, you can tip the pit bosses, as well as people who are not directly related to the game. And if pit bosses are better off giving their financial gratitude in front of cameras, this rule does not apply to waiters and other employees of the gambling establishment.

Summing up the results?

Always remember, tips are welcome but optional. It is up to you to decide whether you will express your gratitude in monetary terms to an employee of a gambling establishment. It will not be a big deal to later abandon this kind of practice altogether, because with your losses, as well as with the money spent in the bar, you will pay for the work of the gambling establishment staff. The very fact of your presence is already a plus for the staff working here.